Oh too often do we get by each day.. attention to the ‘get by’, this is something we as society need to work on. For what reason do we take each living moment for granted. The simple things, a gentle walk outside in the breeze, oh so simple but imagine not having that freedom. Let alone what we have.. we can travel cross country. How times have changed and are still changing. I fear that we ignore the little things, not intentionally but naturally. If only we took a moment..

A moment to realise how lucky we are to have the luxury we have this day and age. If you possess such luxury, what an honour. I don’t mean expensive clothes, wine and dine and flash cars.. Luxury such as sanity, gratitude and self worship. How often do we hear of the rising statistics of mental health such as anxiety and depression, if you walk down the street and do not face the struggles of this, you my friend, are living in luxury.

It is beyond me how people who are coping well in society still have reason to moan over petty, worthless things such as not being able to sit down on a bus because its over crowded. If you are one of these people, next time you are in this position take a second to appreciate your legs and how lucky you are to have both of them working. Some people aren’t so lucky, so stand with pride and smile.

Although self-awareness is often a term I use physically,  I realise how it can be used in this context also. If we were slightly more self-aware of our actions and I guess in a way looking out side of our own little box, almost as if you were watching yourself, might we act differently? Differently in a way that we would be proud to vouch for over and over again..  This is a technique I often use myself,  I find it helps to balance your elements so you aren’t so much of stress head when something happens e.g dilemmas at work or family matters. Just stay quiet for a moment and think before you say or do anything, 9 times out of 10, you will make a wiser and more productive move wether it be verbally or an action.

Take a moment.


“Somewhere where good love conquers and not divides” John Legend

Photos courtesy of pixabay.com @ snappygoat.com

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