Recently I experienced the glory of Hudson Steakhouse in Bath for the first time and I can certainly see why people rate about this place across the city! The steak is phenomenal. This well known, self-assured restaurant is just a perfect slice of foodie heaven! From truffle Parmesan fries to gratin dauphinoise, and that’s just the sides.. you are certain to find something on the menu you have a guilty pleasure for. Let me share some of mine with you..

Atmosphere: the moment you walk in through the doors of this once run down Victorian pub, now captures you in an instant amongst tempting candle lit and warm decor, putting you at ease for a contemporary fine dining experience. The staff are ever so attentive, very accommodating and ensuring your glass is never half empty is always a win win.

Whats on? They have an ‘Early Evening Special’ Monday through Friday for just under £16! This absolute bargain ( and I mean bargain when you see the size of the portion! ) comes with the Flat Iron Steak, mouthwatering and sizzled to your liking, Frites and a glass of wine! I had the special whilst my friend indulged in the 8oz Hudson Burger with the truffle Parmesan fries ( which were delightful, I must confess a few cheeky steals from his fries, although the portion was so big he needed the help! ) instead of their original salt and pepper fries. We both had such applaud for our main courses and we were anticipating getting our hands on the desserts menu, however full we might of been! Hopelessly greedy yet have no shame whatsoever.

Room for dessert anyone? We both opted for the Eton Mess in the end which is a favourite of mine that I often indulge in when eating out. Although very allured by the temptation of the Brownie Sundae and Belgian Waffle we could not resist the Raspberry Eton Mess. Heavenly. We both made comments on how light it was, so easy to eat! (possibly not good for our waistlines but hey ho!) The meringue was chewy but not in excess, which is often the case in some. A perfect balance between sugar, cream and berries. A bold 8/10 and I would certainly not be ashamed to order that again.

Who and why? Hudson Steakhouse are voted number 3 in the U.K’s TOP 10 Steakhouses and have earned themselves a Certificate Of Excellence in both 2015 and 2016. Although Bath is a small city, bathonians love their food, so Hudson is often quite popular of an eve, I might even suggest booking a reservation beforehand just to avoid any disappointment.

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