Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails..

Who doesn’t love an aromatic and beautifully decorated thirst quencher?! I know I do. I love finding little hidden treasures, you know the places that not many people have heard of, aren’t spectacular in any way shape or form but they are just the ticket for you.. well that’s how I feel about this place, just the right vibe for a cosy evening of drinks.

Where and who?

Sat ideally situated right opposite the famous Weir on Grand Parade is the newly opened Framptons Cafe Bar and Kitchen, serving tank beer, a gorgeous array of cocktails and food all day. We visited here one early evening for some of their lovely cocktails and oh how lovely they were.


The general architecture and designing of the Bar is very well thought out, you can see how they are limited in size but are trying to cater for making a fun and relaxed atmosphere for all. As you walk in you are welcomed by the dim lighting, bright stretched out bar, grand feature wall and not forgetting the two huge beer tanks above the bar. I loved the dressed down authentic feel of this place, very relaxed. Atmospheric with either music or the huge TV playing something. I personally enjoyed this being part of it, although others may see it as a nuisance. Looking beyond the front doors , you are sitting adjacent to the Weir, they have coupled seating to the front, with cosy blankets for the chilly evenings and candlelit tables for that tranquil vibe. The views of the Baths hilly outskirts are incredible from here too. Although we didn’t have a bite to eat, we could see beyond the bar into the dining area and yet small and closed off by decorative screens, it was roomy and lit up well by the magnificent chandelier they had in the centre. The setting of this is not my favourite however as mentioned earlier you can see how they are trying to cater best they can with the limited space they have. The lavatories are very clean and tucked away with an old fashioned 1960’s feel to them, they even had those Burlington High Level Toilets!

What’s on?

The menu, both breakfast and lunch/dinner looked very appetising although on the smaller side! Breakfast served until 11:30am everyday you will find treats including your standard bacon sarnie or the ‘full plate’ (traditional English breakfast) to the more exotic, ‘pan haggerty’ (sautéed new potatoes,red onion, Monterey Jack cheese and a fried egg) or eggs royale. The lunch menu is also very versatile, charcuterie platter with artisan cheeses for those wishing to share a plate, or perhaps the flame grilled Framptons beef burger, accompanied by a very good side menu too. Now onto the dinner menu, although again versatile, plenty of gluten free, gluten free option, vegetarian and vegan options, I noticed they did Somerset Steak with a sauce of your choice, sounds delightful, although I am slightly disappointed to see no Fillet Mignon as an option.. The dessert menu, again, not huge, still honours my top favourite dessert, Eton Mess, so I for one would be very happy! Excellent selection for a coffee or herbal tea too. In reflection, I would like to try this place for food.

They had a 2 for 1 happy hour on 5-7pm so we took advantage of this. Another bonus to this is, it accounts on any drinks! Doesn’t have to be the same cocktail. Praise the lord, this is a rarity.

The main event..


‘Makers Mark Bourbon, Cherry Luxardo, Angostura Bitters’

Most whiskeys use rye as their main flavour grain, giving that hot , blow your ears off taste. Makers finish is far from this, using Wheat instead, creating a bourbon that finishes at the front of the tongue, where the sweet sensing taste buds reside, making full flavoured yet easy to drink! Luxardo has always been a favourite liqueur of mine so this choice stood out amongst a lot of the choices, and there was a lot of choices! As for the bitters, I wasn’t too familiar with this, however I had heard of this being in Pink Gin, again something I have not tried. Pleasant but not aggressive is how I would describe this cocktail, it was very well balanced, both deep and middle notes here.

The Blighty

‘Tanqueray Gin, Elderflower Cordial, Cucumber, Lime Juice and Fresh Mint

I chose this because I wanted something that had quite a contrast to the Manhattan, also I find this quite subtle, almost similar to a Collins. I got what I expected, light, refreshing and crisp with a lingering spicy finish.

We also got a Pornstar Martini and the Mojito which I didn’t try myself but my friend rated them both well.


I definitely recommend Framptons for drinks, they have a great selection and the atmosphere is perfect for a chilled yet refined evening. A touch on the pricey side if you are looking for a cheap set of pre drinks before your night out , perhaps think elsewhere or be sure to get there for the happy hour! Next time.. food!


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