What would we have liked to say to someone should we have been given the chance to rewind time?

Is often heard a lot around times that loved ones have passed. This is something I think about a lot, in constant reminder with myself to be more vigilant. Not having had the opportunity to tell someone you loved them, we would perhaps justify regret and guilt all at once. We have the power to change feelings like this occurring, and it’s ever so simple. The little things like keeping in contact with people, being attentive with friends when they are in need, thinking outside of the box to really understand what someone is going through. Truly caring and wanting to be someone’s shoulder , that passion and commitment towards people will in turn become thoughts, thoughts into words, if we were only a little bit more bold we would be proud enough to share these precious words with those loved ones. Us brits in particular can be so timid , it’s sad. Often hiding behind a phone or technology, how often do we put our feelings or opinions aside and oh so often follow the crowd? Why must we bite our tongue with no real ulterior motive?  The conventional yet ‘timid’ approach to opening up via text or through social media seems too comfortable. If we aloud ourselves to be a little bit more bold with the words we speak, we would come a long , long way. Opinions, we are so lucky to have such free speech. Let’s use it, what’s the worst that could happen?

Our timid nature often creates misunderstandings amongst family and friends also, needing clarity most of the time. Often we say things with no real intent, or we simply beat around the bush with what we are trying to say. Simply, making your thoughts, and then words more clearer with a confident intent this may be avoided. With more intent the receiver will remember your gesture more. Let’s use kindness as an example, the most profound experiences of kindness often take place when we are at our most vulnerable, as if kindness is only acceptable in a form of empathy towards something, when someone is feeling unwell, troubled or in distress. The most memorable acts of kindness are often the unexpected ones making one feel blessed and special, so try doing 3 random acts of kindness each day to start seeing a difference in 1) being appreciated by others 2) encourage self-love by the good deed.

The smallest gesture can have the most profound power

The Ripple Effect

We can have a huge (non intentional) inspirational impact on those around us. Especially with those who are slightly vulnerable or gullible. This can then be used wisely to someone’s benefit, as you may have an opinion or an idea that deserves the gratitude or appreciation of others, so once you speak up on whatever it may be ( an idea at work, a suggestion back home) you will often be joined by others in your way of thoughts to create harmony or improve on a matter.

Make a contract with yourself

This realisation that speaking up can be used when appreciating certain values in people, you can create a psychological turn around to make this a day to day notion in your life. Instead of 3 acts of kindness , personalise it to whatever it is you seek. No matter what it is you choose, it will make you more bold, more confident, in turn speaking with pure intent. Remind yourself daily of this, as if it’s become your new mantra. You will see happiness through this and more fulfilment. You will unintentionally gain a new sense of respect from others, both friends and foes. Take control and say what you really want to say, most importantly , remember to always be you and leave negative influences aside.

I personally vouch that this works, if you relay this read and the main points, you will take this on as if it were impromptu, just like the ripple effect. Let your emotions take over and be free to say and do as you feel. Negative thoughts keep to yourself , or relieve in a non burdening way if possible. Positive thoughts share with all those people that will receive and breathe in the goodness you will get in return. Both your body and those good people around you will feed off of this goodness.

Healthy mind, healthy body, happy life.


  1. This is a great post! Communication is SO important and although I don’t think many Americans would be described as “timid” we also all very frequently communicate through phones and computers. It’s much more comfortable to express yourself when people can’t physically see how you’re reacting to what you’re saying but the points you touched upon show the importance of communicating face to face and being positive while doing it. xx


    1. I too would agree with you on the Americans not being described as timid. Its a whole new approach to communicating in the states, which I quite admire. A jannock manner shall I say, where as we sometimes come across quite languid it can misleadingly seem callous. Its all an observation really, how different people take upon others mannerisms and interpret them in their own mind. Thanks for your comment sweet. xx

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