Hello Beauties,

Do you ever feel like you never truly have enough scrub left in the pot? Never enough to get last nights St Tropez off or god-forbid that tragic stamp on your wrist. I am always here. Always scraping the edges of the pot, looking for a better scrub that will work it’s magic but then I realised… All I needed was downstairs in my kitchen cupboards all along.

Here I give you 4 absolute gems that you can make in the comfort your home, quickly, and affordable with no fuss.

The Basics

Step 1: Exfoliant – a gritty substance of some sort.

Step 2: Carrier Oil – also known as a base oil. The oil in a homemade body scrub holds the mixture together, carries it if you like! As well as moisturising the skin. A typical safe ratio is 1/3 cup of oil for each cup of exfoliant. There are many carrier oils to choose from. Top tip: unless your skin is very dry, choose an oil with a fairly thin consistency so that it will wash off easily and won’t leave the skin feeling too greasy.

Step 3: Aroma – the easiest way to scent your body scrub is with essential oils. Avoid ‘fragrance’ oils which are synthetic. Each combination followed is intended to be diluted in 1/3 cup ( approx 2 1/2 oz) of carrier oil.

Top Tip: When you wash your scrub off in the shower, be sure to put the drain stopper/ plug in. This will allow you to put the fallen exfoliant/oil in the bin, instead of it flowing down your drain, potential blocking hazard.

Now let’s talk Recipes!

No.1 – The Healer

1 – Oats/ Oatmeal

Oatmeal is the gentlest of the exfoliants. It is an emollient, meaning that it softens and hydrates your skin. People have used it for decades as an effective home remedy for dry, itchy skin. Excellent on eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, chilblains, sunburn. Unlike salt or sugar, you can use this exfoliant with water instead of a oil if you wish.


1 – Almonds

Almonds or ground almonds have a softening effect on the skin. Avoid on anyone with nut allergies. Other options include almond meal, flax meal ( ground linseeds), rice bran, wheat bran and ground nut shells.

2 – Coconut Oil

A personal favourite of mine purely because of the smell! Of course, it to is an emollient and will nourish the skin. Try and get non trans fat and no GMO if you can. If cold pressed, you will need to melt the oil first (in the microwave) before adding to the scrub mixture. Thin consistency. AM/PM


2 – Macadamia Nut Oil

A nutty odour, thick consistency so therefore I would recommend this only before you go to bed as it will leave an oily film on the skin. Recommended for dry skin again. Shelf life is 12 months. PM only.

3 – 8 drops rose, 6 drops Roman chamomile, 6 cypress – perfect for broken capillaries, healing properties.


3 – 8 drops sandalwood, 6 geranium, 6 rose – great for dry skin


3 – 6 drops Roman chamomile, 4 rose, 2 neroli – nice and gentle for those who are prone to be sensitive


3 – 10 drops rose, 8 sandalwood, 2 patchouli – this will work wonders on parched dehydrated skin, skin that is screaming for nourishment.

Additional Extras


Antibacterial properties in vanillin help cleanse skin problems. Healing properties help to heal burns, cuts and wounds. 3 drops.



Nutmeg is an effective sedative. Used to treat inflammation and pain. Use on aching joints, muscle pain, arthritis and sores. Helps to create a smoother and healthier appearance by helping to treat several skin problems including removing blackheads, acne marks can be reduced and scars less noticeable. As a direct treatment you can add nutmeg powder with some honey to make a paste and apply to acne marks to help resurface the skin. 1 flat tsp of ground nutmeg for this recipe. Please note: nutmeg is not safe to use during pregnancy.

The Healer Recipe is safe to use during the second and third trimester of pregnancy bar the addition of nutmeg.

No.2 – The Revitaliser

1 – Salt

Salt is great for relaxing the muscles. Some people prefer to use sea salt because it is less processed than table salt, contains a wider variety of trace elements and minerals and is said to be kinder on the skin. Sea salts, table salt and Epsom salts are all fine. Whatever salt you use, grind it finely, I.e. to a similar consistency to table salt, because course grains can feel a little too exfoliating.

2 – Sunflower Oil A very faint odour, thin consistency, and penetrates well without leaving much of a residue. It is also one of the most affordable oils and has a shelf like of about 12 months. AM/PM

3 – 10 drops geranium, 6 rose and 4 cypress – helps rejuvenate devitalised skin

Additional Extras


Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Rich in Vitamin A that is a fat-soluble vitamin and an antioxidant essential for healthy mucus membranes and skin. This can be purchased in essential oil form, 3 drops added to above recipe.



Again, great anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Used to decrease muscle soreness, inflammation within muscle fibres and relieving osteoarthritis pain. This can be purchased in essential oil form, 2 drops added to above recipe.

No.3 – The Regeneration

1 – Ground Coffee Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning that it causes blood vessels to constrict, so it can temporarily reduce varicose veins and rosacea.

2 – Sweet Almond Oil

A slightly sweet and nutty aroma, medium consistency but absorbs fairly quickly. Shelf life is about 12 months. AM/PM.


2 – Hazelnut Oil

A sweet nutty odour, quite thin and leaves a thin film on the skin. Shelf life is about 12 months. AM/PM

3 – 8 drops neroli, 6 frankincense and 6 ylang-ylang – perfect for age support

Additional Extras


Anti-oxidant and anti-microbial. Rejuvenating and refreshing for depletes lack lustre skin. Great absorption and retains moisture well so plumping in fine lines/wrinkles too. 1 small tsp added to recipe.

No.4 – The Balancer

1 – Sugar Sugar is most refined and feels slightly gentler on the skin than salt. It is a great alternative for more sensitive skin types but for those who want a more thorough exfoliant than something like oats or almonds. Sugar will also have an emollient affect as well as desquamating. Win win!

2 – Grape Seed Oil Has a faint sweet odour, very thin consistency and leaves a thin film on the skin. Shelf life is between 6-12 months. AM/PM

3 – 8 drops sandalwood, 6 lemon and 6 lavender – great on oily skin, balancing of the natural sebum levels.

Additional Extras


Anti- parasitic, anti-fungal, anti- septic and anti- bacterial properties so you can tell why it’s great for balancing of the skin. Keeps the skin clean and protected. Cinnamon is used to treat acne and eczema as it helps stimulate blood vessels, bringing blood, nutrients and oxygen to the surface of the skin, essential for repair work. 1 flat tsp of ground cinnamon added to recipe.

I hope you have found a recipe suitable for your skins needs. Please feel free to ask any questions should you feel you have any. Enjoy x

Disclaimer: the information that I have provided above have to be followed under the specific measurements in order to avoid irritants towards the skin, all of which portray academic teachings and professional legislations. Should you feel the need to experiment with the recipe, do so at your own risk.

Copyright: feature image; Pexels.





  1. Urrrrm I love this!!!! I’ve been wanting to make my own. I’m such a cheapo too, I don’t like buying them because things in the US tend to be expensive and I’m not sure all of them work. Love these!!! I’m going to make one xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVED reading this! I remember as a teenager being obsessed with homemade treatments. My mum would end up shouting at me because honey, oats, olive oil and lemon would be in my bathroom. We ended up having to buy two separate oils etc .
    I currently use olive oil and sugar as a body exfoliator – I swear by it, but i’m going to try oats. There’s something really therapeutic about mixing your own beauty ingredients. This is well-explained and fantastic recipes. Trying them this weekend. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw I’m glad you did! Oh that sounds super yummy . Such goodness for our skin, Yes , Extra Olive Oil is the one 👌🏼. Sugar is amazing as it’s gentle but effective. Oats I love because it’s so emollient but ensures you clean all the desquamation off your skin at the same time. Thank you! Have fun! Let me know what you made of the recipes. xx

      Liked by 1 person

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