Lorrens Ladies Spa otherwise known as Lorrens Health Hydro is located just off Torquays Torbay, in Babbacombe. A real home from home Spa and I can’t wait to share this one with you! With Steve’s extensive background in Physical Education and Suzanne’s long-acquired experience in Beauty, they have together created an absolute retreat for all health and wellness seekers alike. The ethos behind a ladies only spa is so everyone can be completely relaxed and comfortable, by roaming around in next to nothing, with no make up on. It’s to allow women to forget about the subconscious anxieties created when around men. Although some women are completely comfortable around men, others are not so. Lorrens ladies spa allows you to have that peace of mind. They host all inclusive spa breaks which are organised for you and designed around your arrival and departure time, leaving you with nothing to do yourself bar pack your suitcase.

Let me take you through the little touches that make this place so special. Upon arrival Steve greets you by taking your suitcase straight to your room, no time wasting check-in, just straight to your boudoir. Suzanne welcomes you with a pleasant smile, receptive eye contact and a patient nature.

My room was perfectly furnished, spotless and fitting with the refurbished downstairs. A more than adequate tea tray, a vast selection of herbal teas and plentiful of water encouraging you to detox during your stay. A well revised information pack explaining what to expect from Lorren’s, local map and several advertising materials for the Spa’s partnership brands, AromaWorks and Thalgo who also feature as your bathroom amenities. The bathrobe is fluffy and generously sized ladies. They recommend you stay in your bathrobe as if it’s your daily uniform, even whilst you eat!

Occasionally, we all feel as if we have over-indulged and need to cleanse our bodies with some healthy goodness. Suzanne is passionate about encouraging everybody to eat nutritiously and to remember your portion control. However you can have whatever you like! Relax in the knowledge that all your dietary requirements will be taken care of. Breakfast is healthy and surprisingly filling! Bran flakes with fresh strawberries and blueberries followed by cooked tomatoes on toast with lemon tea to finish. This kicks off day 1 in the right mindset, cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!

Treatments here are above and beyond. The therapists are so caring and attentive just like their boss, Suzanne. You feel instantly welcomed and cocooned in therapists all there to take care of your therapeutic needs. Each day of your stay is planned out for you so you don’t need to fuss about times and organising. Suzanne always tries to allocate private times to use the facilities just for you and your party so you can have the jacuzzi all to yourself! The Wet Room consists of the jacuzzi and steam room with a single shower to use between each and every use. The Jacuzzi is functioned by a button on the side, it will continue for 10 minutes. The steam room has individual cocoons as seats, some larger than others. Notably, not terribly hot which allows you to stay in longer without needing to take a breather.

A revitalising full body exfoliation, including the abdomen. Is it just me or is the massage the best part of a facial? Say hello to the AromaWorks Facial, fluidity and a beautiful rhythm to every technique right into the scalp to finish. Float your worries away in the heated outdoor swimming pool before heading for your back and leg massage, where the pressure is tailored to just how you like it.

The outdoor pool is heated to 29c so just below body temperature. Both shady and sunny spots to relax on loungers to have a lye down and unwind on. The pool is around 10 metres long but it gets shallow to deep the further you go, making lengths difficult to do. The bees in the garden pollinating the lavender bushes are beautiful to see, nature enjoying the garden too.

If you are a solo spa goer, Suzanne will ask you if you would like company at your dining table with other likeminded people instead of eating alone. Lunch was again, super tasty and nutrition focused. Soup of the day was a delicious carrot and coriander with granary bread. Followed by a crunchy Greek salad and a piece of fruit. The limited menus they offer are great because they are by no means a strict rule. They aren’t fixed, so should you wish to have more than one thing or change things up, Suzanne is most accommodating and will go out of her way to make this happen for you.

Dinner was gorgeous! A selection of veggies to accompany your choice of main. Sweet chilli chicken with lime and peppers for me with grapefruit to cleanse the palette. I was joined by another solo spa goer who said her salmon was perfect.

Most of the guests at Lorrens are tucked up in bed by 10pm so they lock the front door at 11pm. If you stay out later, you simply let Suzanne and Steve know before you head out. The most cosiest, plush duvets to curl into and fall into the deepest sleep. As dawn approaches, I think of what I can have for breakfast. Suzanne had kindly went to get me my favourite cereal from the shop, muesli. It’s the little touches like this that make Lorrens the perfect spa break! You truly feel looked after.

I headed to the relaxation room to let my breakfast settle. I soon found myself drifting off into the deepest sleep. The room is so mellow and chilled out you’re taken away by your own mind! Whatever you need, this room just allows it to take place. Time to think. Finish that book. Have a snooze or a snore if you’re anything like me. I feel like this room is a real sensory haven. From the zen music you hear, to the relaxing fire and dim mood changing lights you see, the individual faux fur rug you run your feet through to touch and the AromaWorks diffuser filling the room with the most delicate scent of May Chang and Sandalwood.

Lorrens Ladies Spa is the perfect cleansing retreat. I would recommend to anyone seeking some quiet time to relax and not have to worry about a thing. Great for busy Mums, health seekers and perfect for hen parties after a heavy weekend to recoup before the big day.

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